Chuck Grease QNB 50 Synthetic 500g


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 500g packing
  • High Centrifugal force tolerance and Temperature of upto 250 degrees Centigrade
  • Synthetic base with antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors
  • Prevents seizing and wear
  • Provides protection against rust
  • Extreme pressure properties

Fa Duca Lub Lub Chuck Grease QNB 50 is a 100% synthetic complex grease with high drop point. The special base oil and additives ensures long life and low maintenance of chucks and with stands temperature of 200-250 C. This product is a heavy-duty adhesive grease that is fortified with white solid lubricants, antioxidants, and corrosion inhibitors for longer service life. It adheres strongly to surface, forms a tenacious film that does not rupture in presence of water or coolant. A combination of special additives enhances performance of the grease. It works under heavy pressure and load and protects from rust and seizing. The lubricant ensures that grease will not fall out despite high centrifugal force. Fa Duca Lub Chuck Grease QNB 50 is a low carbon forming formulation and has long working life. Care must be taken to apply grease periodically and it is recommended to dismantle the chuck assembly as recommended by OEM for clean-up with solvent for reapplication of grease. It is important that the grease should never be over applied, which may reduce the movement of the bearings and heat up temporarily.

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