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Speciality Industrial Lubricants, Since 1988.

Did it ever occur to you that you are spending too much on buying Tools & Lubricants? If yes, we are the appropriate partners for increased productivity & substantial savings


Neat Cutting Lubricants for Machining Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Low Carbon Steels/ Brass and Aluminium * Rust Preventives up to 18 months shelf life/ Assembly Compounds High Temperature NON-MELT Greases/ Anti Seize/ Spindles / Bearings / Chucks / Forming / SPM (Plastics & Metals) | Products for Maintenance Applications for Electronic, Textile, Bakery, Food, Paper Mills & Engineering Industries.

Moly Synthetic Silicone Graphite & PTFE based Greases for Long Life (-72 to 1400 C)  | Ready Stock of Import Substitution Greases

Fa Duca Lub Performance Automotive Lubricants

High spec products with a wide range of applications


Fa Duca Lub Speciality Lubricants

Over 100 variants on offer to suit your specific requirement


Our Clients Trust Us

Delivering cost effective,  high performance lubricants & greases is our business.

Improve Production

Improve Tool Life

Secure Profits

Some of our clients

Partial list of our clients

  • Log 9 Materials Scientific Private Limited
  • Bhavani Industries
  • Jason Industries
  • Trishul Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.
  • Technology Diamond Tools India Private Limited
  • Classic Engineering
  • Roto Wagon Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vipra Machine Tools Private Limited
  • RCP Engineering
  • Sundarlam Industries
  • Bengal Packs Pvt. Ltd
  • Mag Engineering Pvt. Ltd
  • Shenoy Engineering Pvt. Ltd
  • Polyspin Exports Limited
  • Metal Closures Pvt. Ltd
  • SLV Furnitures
  • Home  Fabrics
  • SVS Modular Furnitures
  • CS Aerotherm Pvt Ltd
  • EIC Instruments
  • Allied Electronics Corporation
  • JRD Engineering

Improve productivity and finish

Oil & Greases by Fortuna Associates allows you to achieve extended tool life and machining ease.
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Lubrication Management, Since 1988

Speciality lubricants find applications in a broad spectrum of industries. Over the last 33 years, we have gained the trust of many companies who continue to buy from us. We understand the importance of tool life & increased productivity & suggest the best lubricants & greases.

Manufactured in India, Since 1965

Our Principal is an ISO-9001-2008 company manufacturing speciality lubricants for critical applications and is serving for over five decades. It started operations with Graphite based lubricants & has today expanded to a range of 250+ products to meet a wide range of End User needs.

Reasonably priced Import Substitutes

Our lubricants & greases are provided with detailed technical specifications at reasonable prices. Just name the IMPORT BRAND of  lubricant that you currently use, we will do the rest at a fraction of the imported lubricant cost. Call us today to know the equivalents to many MNC brands!

Broad Spectrum of Industries require Lubricants
  • Power, Fertilizer, Steel plants, Automobiles, Textiles, Metal forming, Glass, Fastener, Cement
  • Primary & Secondary metal manufacturers, Oil drilling & refineries, Railways, Plastic processing, Sugar
  • Paper mills, Forging, die casting units & many others.
Speciality Lubricants
  • Based on MoS2, Graphite, PTFE, Silicone and Synthetic oils for high speed
  • high and low temperature, heavy-duty, for dusty and humid conditions and as anti- seize thread
  • compounds, Aerosol sprays.
Works on many metals
  • TITANIUM,  Low Carbon, Alloy steels, Stainless Steel
  • All difficult/Special metals including Cadmium, Aluminum, Brass (including auto & Aero Space component metals)
Metal Drawing processes
  • Deep Drawing/Circulating Lubrication
  • Sheet metal Industries
  • Cold impact Extrusion Metal forming 
  • Circular woven sacks machineries, etc.
All bearing Greases
  • CNC Chucks for Low/High speed
  • Temperatures Minus-112 to +1400C
  • Bakery industry Greases (Spindle Speeds up to 100,000 RPM)
Gear Box Lubricants
  • Additives & Assembly Compounds
  • Silicone oils and Greases for Food Industry Greases
  • Maintenance and Processing Applications
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