Food and Pharma Grease FG 200g


  • Brand new sealed pack. 200g packing
  • Base: Food grade oils (PAG)/PAO
  • Thickener : Inorganic
  • Penetration: 265 to 295
  • N. L. G. I. No: 2
  • Copper strip corrosion- Passes
  • Drop Point: Above 180 °C
  • Operating temperature: -40C to +140C


Fa Duca Lub FG is a versatile high speciality Food Grade Grease manufactured from special food grade base oil and thickeners/additives. It is a multipurpose lubricant for all type of bearings, clamps, chains, sliding components, blower bearings in high temperature, conveyor bearings etc. Used in food processing industries & pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Ingredients are NSF H 1 Grade complaint serves incidental food contact safety. None of the toxic elements are present.

Applications: Used for the lubrication of all types of grease bearings, moving parts, latches, O rings commonly found in Coffee Machines, Canneries, Beverage bottling plants, potato chip plants, poultry processing plants, meat processing plants & other food processing plants / pharmaceutical industries.


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