Printer / Copier Fuser Grease 100g


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 100g packing
  • Works on all types of Laser printers and copiers
  • Ultra-stable High Temperature lubricant
  • Extremely High Temperature Resistant Synthetic base
  • Lubricates the sleeve of the fuser film & avoids paper jam.
  • Long Shelf Life of 3 years

Fa Duca Lub Printer Copier Fuser Grease is an ultra-stable High Temperature lubricant for extending functioning and life of all types of laser printers and copiers. Extremely High Temp Resistant Synthetic based on complex formulation/Conductive (Sil/Syn), extends life of the fuser. Range 220-300 C. Lubricates the sleeve of the fuser film & avoids paper jam. Normally, depending on the model after 30-40,000 copies the original grease dries out. After removing the fuser from the fixing assembly, carefully clean the surface by using alcohol. Apply a thin but uniformly spread Fa Duca Lub-Copier Fuser Grease. Spread the grease around 15-20 spots on the surface of the heater (heating element and fixture). Spread the grease evenly over the surface with one forward and backward motion Never apply on surface of the film sleeve. Place the film into heater, and the end of the film with ground ring. Proper contact with the conductive rubber gear of pressure roller or the brush after installation is a must. After film turning is free complete the assembly. Other applications include gear teeth and any moving parts. Please note, after few lubricating services it is recommended to replace the assembly unit as it becomes unserviceable.


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