Thread rolling, Tapping, Drilling & Machining Lubricant – Fa Duca Lub SL


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 1 litre pack
  • Applications: On Stainless steel, Cadmium, Tungsten and Low carbon Metals

Fa Duca Lub SL is neat cutting oil that is formulated with extreme pressure additives and high polymer lubricants to provide outstanding performance in heavy duty machining.

  • Thread rolling, tapping and machining
  • High thermal stability, Fast heat removal helps in increasing the tool life while
    providing more than adequate lubrication
  • Anti-wear additives Increases the tool life and decrease serration or pitting on the job for better
    surface finish

Can be only mixed with other standard quality straight Cutting Lubricants depending on severity of operations. Never be mixed with water.
MSDS certification is available.* Extraordinary lubricant with Proprietary Know-how

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