Fa Duca Lub M4 – Silicone Compound paste 200g


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 200g packing
  • Water resistant & Moisture Proof (off white viscous paste) Long-life Universal Lubricant. Silicone is of Japanese / German origin. Pure and 100% reliable
  • Working Temperature: -40 C to + 200 C
  • Di electric Properties: Automotive electricals, Spark Plugs, Insulation of CPU sockets, Sealant for electrical contacts/connectors, remote control equipment/door hinges, Precision Electric Motor bearings/shower heads, threads on bolts, plumbing, watch mechanisms, etc
  • Can be used on Rubber – Plastic – Metal
  • Further more, it can be used for : Rubber parts (O Rings), Non-Corrosive Thermal Compound for heat transfer, Automotive assembly, Engineering Instruments, Lab equipment Maintenance, Electrical Assemblies and Terminals, Radio and T. V. antenna, X-ray equipment, switches, terminals, ignition systems of marine engines, battery terminals and cables.
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