High Temperature Bearing Grease – FB 300 S 250g


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 250g packing
  • Working Temperature: Upto 300 degrees centigrade
  • FB-300 (S) is synthetic complex, non-melt grease fortified with special additives. The  synthetic base does not form gummy mass or carbon as a residue. Requires less starting torque.
  • The special combination of antioxidants,   corrosion inhibitors, E.P agents etc., offers optimum performance at high temperature use for medium speed and heavy loads.
  • Chief Applications:   All high Temp Applications like Bearing grease for Bakeries, Ovens, Fan, conveyor chains: Ceramics: Kiln and tunnel car bearings, ID fans.
  • NLGI Grade: 2 | Drop Point: None | Ball weld load: 280
  • Clean the bearing thoroughly with Petrol or solvent. Dry it. Fill only 60 to 70% to avoid initial overheating.       Refilling is done by grease gun or manual method. Do not mix originally used grease.
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