Brake Pad and Caliper Grease – 100g


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 100g packing
  • Water resistant & Moisture Proof (off white viscous paste) Long-life Universal Lubricant. Manufactured from imported German origin raw material- Pure and 100% reliable
  • Fa Duca Lub Brake Pad & Caliper Grease ensures long & stable working of your car or motorcycle brakes.  Made of Special, Complex Synthetic base, it has a translucent appearance
  • Withstands High Temperature of 240 C +
  • Drum Brakes:  NEVER APPLY on the inside of the drum where the shoes/pads contact the drum. Apply on parking brake cable and all linkages, moving parts & shoe slides
  • Disk Brakes: NEVER APPLY on the rotors or the insides of the pads where they contact the rotors, Apply the grease only the the back side of the pads.
  • Use it wherever metal slides along metal and on wheel cylinder assembly. Apply on sliding pins, bushings and contact points.
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