Carrom Board Silicone Spray 250ml – Fa Duca Lub


Silicone Spray for Carrom boards. The Silicone through aerosol medium – helps create a dry film of silicone over the carrom baord surface which ensure enhanced wood health, reduced flaking and minimised warping. Most brands add 1% Silicone just so they can technically label their product as silicone spray – and offer the same at low price. Fa Duca Lub Silicone Spray contains 7% Silicione (Active Ingredient). Silicone is of Japanese / German origin

  • 250ml packing
  • Dry wipe and remove powder residue
  • Shake the can apply a thin and uniform layer on the carrom board
  • Allow to dry for 30 seconds and wipe off excess
  • High quality unadulterated Silicone Spray
  • Long shelf life – Non sticky low viscosity silicone


Additional information

Weight 400 g


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