Chuck Grease Moly 400g


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 400g packing
  • High Centrifugal force tolerance
  • Moly base antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors
  • Prevents seizing and wear
  • Provides protection against rust
  • Extreme pressure properties

Fa Duca Lub Chuck Grease (Moly) will always ensure chuck lubrication as Moly adherers to the metal surface, that maintains friction free movements while withstanding high centrifugal force. Chuck maintenance is always crucial as precision and fine finish components must be delivered. At high operating speeds petroleum lubricants cannot adhere to the metal surface & will not extend desired low friction of moving parts as they evaporate quickly due to extreme pressure and friction. Regular application will ensure production of desired components as wear/tear is lowest & holds component to be machined in place delivering high precision components with low rejection rate. This product also protects from seizing, wear & friction under conditions of heavy load/speed including rust protection & oxidation. Lubricant carries high extreme pressure properties and withstands harsh atmosphere, if any. It is important to keep chucks always lubricated and shift wise checks are required. It is also essential to dismantle the Chuck assembly every 3 week, clean with solvent & re-assemble with Fa Duca Lub Chuck Grease (Moly) for the chucks’ long-life.

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