Car Power Windows Rubber Parts Lubricant Silicone Spray 250ml – Fa Duca Lub


A must have product in every toolkit, Fa Duca Lub Silicone Spray is a high quality Pure Silicone Spray with High Active ingredient content. Most brands add 1% Silicone just so they can technically label their product as silicone spray – and offer the same at low price. Fa Duca Lub Silicone Spray contains 7% Silicione (Active Ingredient). Silicone is of Japanese / German origin

  • 250ml packing with easy applicator straw.
  • Use on Power Windows for smoother operation
  • Spray on rubber parts for improved longevity
  • Apply on friction parts to reduce wear and failure
  • Works on hinges and other components to stop squeaks
  • Long shelf life. Tested on Rubber, Plastics and metals.


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