Brake Parts Cleaner – Heavy Duty 250ml


Fa Duca Lub Brake Parts Cleaner is a heavy duty formulation, made to quickly clean and degrease brake parts in all vehicles. The concentrated heavy duty formula ensures that you get quick and satisfactory results while using lesser quantity of the product. It helps remove grease, dirt and brake dust – leaving you with a clean braking system, ready for lubrication. We recommend using Fa Duca Lub Brake Pad and Caliper grease after using this product, for improved braking reliability and performance

  • 250ml packing with easy applicator straw.
  • Removes dirt, rust, grease and brake dust
  • Penetrates components and works on difficult to reach areas
  • High Active Ingredient Content makes it effective and reliable
  • Wipe Break pads after using this product
  • Long shelf life


Additional information

Weight 400 g


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