Silicone Oil for Cube and Puzzle Oil 30 ml – Fa Duca Lub


  • Brand new sealed package of 50ml
  • 100% Pure and unadulterated silicone oil
  • Fa Duca Lub Silicone Cube Speed is a 100% premium product. Silicone is of Japanese / German origin. Silicone is the most ideal lubricant for Rubiks cube, puzzles, plastic and rubber toys.
  • Internal pivot/rivet mechanism enables each face to turn independently and needs to be protected by the best high quality silicone formula. The product is of great use for professional rubiks cube competitors.
  • It is of desirable viscosity which prevents dust and dirt collection. The non-sticky Lube with excellent consistency and purity prevents frequent wear & tear of cubes and puzzles.
  • It is highly effective for easy and quick moves of a cube and helps gain high speed movements for completing the puzzle.
  • Blended impure lubricants are cheaper but frequent use due to in-consistency makes them expensive leading to waste of money & reduced speed and lower reliability. Fa DucaLub Silicone Cube Speed Helps to Increase the life of of your cube and puzzle and ensures trouble free usage, increased speed, smoothness and reliability.

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