Excavator Backhoe Grease 1 Kg


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 1 Kg packing
  • For Excavator backhoe , earth movers and other heavy vehicles
  • Fa Duca Lub Excavator Backhoe grease does not require daily application. It can be applied once in 4 to 8 days depending on the condition of the equipment and usage
  • Grease forms a protective layer on metal parts
  • Grade: NGLI 2 | Blend: Supreme Complex with EP additives
  • Long-Life Moly complex grease stops metal to metal contact during normal service
  • Huge savings and low maintenance ensured
  • It protects from rain and wet conditions. It forms a permanent dry film with less failures even if greasing is delayed accidentally

Backhoe Grease withstands heavy load jerks & shocks avoiding premature pin / bush failure. Excellent for all sliding, suspension joints, ball joints, steering linkages, U joints. Check greasing points as OEM recommends.

Additional information

Weight 600 g


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