Spark Plug Grease 100g


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 100g packing
  • Works on Car and Motorcycle Sprak Plugs
  • High dielectric properties
  • Remove old lubricant before applying our product
  • Resists water when applied properly on contact surfaces
  • Long Shelf Life of 3 years

Fa Duca Lub-Spark Plug Grease is a complex synthetic grease with Dielectric properties. High temperature ranges up to 240 C, translucent In color & is safe on rubber gaskets. Spark plugs are like healthy heartbeat for engines. Periodical maintenance is the key for good performance. Spark plugs create the electrical spark required to ignite combustion chamber and keep the engine burning fuel smoothly. They can also withstand extreme temperatures inside the engine and will burn off any contaminants and particles. High voltage is produced when sparks are sent when ‘firing’ the engine. Completely avoid using any anti-seize greases. Follow manual. Fa Duca Lub-Spark Plug Grease Keeps away water/moisture out of the boot. Clean, light deposits from the plug with a wire brush or solvent spray. Inspect the spark plug for earlier deposits & cracked porcelain or burnt electrodes. Replace such spark plugs. Apply a thin uniform coating of Fa Duca Lub-Spark Plug Grease in the rubber boot of the coil. Remove any extra grease from around the end of the boot. If the cylinder walls or pistons are damaged, replace all spark plugs, followed by repeating the grease application.

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