Car / Bike Dashboard, Metal / Plastic Interior Polish Shiner 180ml – Fa Duca Lub


  • Brand new sealed package of 180ml
  • Fa Duca Lub Tire Shiner and Polish is a 100% premium product. Silicone is of Japanese / German origin
  • Silicone is an ideal general purpose shiner. It helps bring a deep gloss on a variety of surface like Dashboard plastics, metal surfaces, tires, etc.
  • Fa Duca Lub Tire Shiner and Polish is a highly effective final dressing for Car and motorcycle tires. After washing and drying your tire, apply this product on the walls of your tire and not on the treads.
  • As you apply, watch as your tire develops a deep and glossy shine
  • Apply on bare tire or also over existing tire polish that you use. Apply using a sponge and wipe off excess

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