Polyurethane Greases – FA Duca Lub PU 1 & PU 2


Product Description

FA Duca Lub PU 1 AND 2

FA Duca Lub PU greases are mineral oil base Poly urea thickened
grease for lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings running in high
temperature area. FA Duca Lub PU greases are available in N.L.G.I.
No.1 and No.2 consistencies.
1. Excellent working stability.
2. Reduces friction and wear and tear.
3. Excellent oxidation stability.
4. Better water resistance.
5. Broad temperature range.
6. Better corrosion protection.
7. Higher extreme pressure properties.
8. Smooth structure helps in better pump ability in central lubrication
9. Longer service life.
1. Colour Yellowish brown/Green
2. Base oil: High grade mineral oil
3. Thickener: Poly urea
4. Drop point >220 C
5. Copper strip corrosion: 0 (At 99 0 C for 24 hours)
6. Timken O.K. load: 40
7. Penetration: 265 to 295 for PU 2 (At 250ÂșC worked 60 strokes)
310 to 340 for PU 1
8. Operating temperature range 20 C to +140 0C
Application: All type of plain and roller bearings running in continuous
ing plants, pump bearings, ventilator bearings, electric motors, bearings
in annealing furnace, compressor bearings and bearings running near
hot environments.


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