High Temperature Lubricants

High Temperature Greases

  • We supply High Temp greases/anti-seize compounds: All bearing Greases for CNC Chucks-+for Low/High speed bearings-*Temperatures Minus-112 to +1400C, Bakery industry Greases & Spindle Speeds up to 100,000 RPM
  • Silicone oils and Greases for Food Industry Greases
  • Maintenance and Processing Applications
  • Greases include of Moly based, Synthetic, Teflon, Graphite and others.
  • We also supply non-melt greases fortified with special additives. It lasts much longer compared to mineral oil base high temperature greases. The synthetic base does not form gummy mass or carbon as a residue. So, it requires less starting torque. The special combination of ¬†antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, E.P agents etc., offers optimum performance at high temperature use.


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