High Speed Cheese Winder Grease – FA Duca Lub MB-50


Product Description

FA DUCA Lub- MB-50
High Speed Cheese Winder Grease

FA DUCA Lub- MB-50 is synthetic (AL-Complex) oil base grease. The special
combination of antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, E.P agents and solid lubricants
offers optimum performance at moderate temperature and high speed and under
heavy load. It lasts much longer compared to mineral oil base greases as synthetic
oil does not form gummy mass due to lower oxidation rate. So, it requires less
starting torque.

Specification: –
1 Colour: Off White
2 NLGI Grade: 00
3 Penetration: 380-415 (At 25 o C worked 60 strokes)
4 Drop Point: Not applicable
5 Base oil: Synthetic PAO * 6 Thickener: Aluminium complex and others
7 Solid lubricants: <3%. 8 Oil separations: Less than 5% (At 150oC for 24 hours)
9 Evaporation: 3% max (At 150oC for 24 hours).                                                                                                                                                                                          10 Copper strip corrosion: Passes
11 Operating Temperature: (At 99 oC for 24 hours): -40 degrees centigrade to +140 degrees centigrade

Application: – FA DUCA Lub- MB-50 is specifically developed for high speed cheese
winders running at high speed and in continuous load. It can also be used for central
lubrication system where continuous load and speed are involved. Widely used in
Textile sector, Woven circular machines as a dependable lubricant.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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