Food and Pharma Grade Grease – FA Duca Lub FG


Product Description

FA Duca Lub-FG

FA Duca Lub-FG is a versatile high speciality Food Grade Grease manufactured
from special food grade base oil and thickeners. Can be used as a multi-purpose
lubricant for lubrication of variety in applications like all type of bearings, chain
lubrication, sliding, blower bearings in high temperature, conveyor bearings etc. of
food processing industries and Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Meets the
NSF H 1 Grade incidental food contact safety.
Advantages: –
1) Made from food grade oils and can be used for incidental food contact.
2) Versatile product. One product can be used for variety of applications.
3) Lower oxidation rate. Service life is much longer than ordinary grease.
4) Lower carbon residue.

Specification:Base : Food grade oils (PAG)/PAO
Thickener : Inorganic
Penetration : 265 to 295
N. L. G. I. No : 2
Copper strip corrosion : Passes
Drop Point : Above 180 C
Operating temperature : -40C to +140C
Applications: Used for the lubrication of all types of grease bearings commonly found
in canneries, Beverage bottling plants, potato chip plants, poultry processing plants,
meat processing plants and other food processing plants and pharmaceutical
industry applications.

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Weight 1000 g


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