Paper Mill Lubricant


Product Description

Meeting all Challenges of Paper Mills Lubrication Needs

High performance lubricant that can satisfy all lubrication needs of paper plants



Modern paper mills often have more than thousand points of lubrication. If proper care of lubrication and interval of re-lubrication is under taken, these points can prove as effective tools for substantial savings by reducing frequent purchasing of bearings as well saving on down time resulting in increased production and profits. Paper mills are often subjected to harsh environments. Mechanical parts are running in dusty, heat, damp and chemical environments. This harsh environments often lower there service life. Field trials and research has encouraged us to design a single product that can satisfy all the possible needs of a paper mills. FA DUCAlub-CS-2 has proven to be quite an outstanding product that has found to give positive performance in all applications. It is designed to meet specifications of high temperature, speeds and water washout.


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