Anti Seize Grease – Copper Lithium Paste – Fa Duca Lub C-100


  • Brand new sealed package.
  • 500g packing
  • Working Temperature: -20 C to + 1400 C
  • FA Duca Lub-C100 is a copper lithium complex universal assembly paste grease for high temperatures anti seize applications
  • It is formulated with finely divided selective metal powders in a special carrier. It is fortified with proprietary additives to stop oxidation and corrosion/ downtime and repair work minimized
  • Prevents damage to gaskets/nuts & bolts & assured protection of joints from seizure/cold welding
  • Apply by hand/ brush/swab or dipping.
  • On thread connections, pipe sealer gasket and “O” rings seals & press fit flanges fittings
  • Can be used On These Parts: Bolts Studs Pins Valves Gaskets Sprockets Chains Gears Seals Brakes Cams & others.

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Weight 600 g


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