Aerospace Lubricant

AEROSPACE COMPONENTS & Neat Cutting Lubricants: FA DUCALub -SL (D)

A Series of neat cutting oil for severe machining operations: It can be used for various metals like Low & medium alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloys including making Aerospace components. It has active extreme pressure additives and boundary lubricants to provide excellent lubrication in moderate to heavy-duty applications.

Provides High Boundary Lubrication  and forms a protective barrier on the tool for smoother and faster operation while increasing the overall tool life and performance. Extreme Pressure Additive- FA DUCALub-SL (D)-22 has high content of EP additives for providing performance in heavy load operations.

High Specific Heat – It cools the tool and work piece faster than conventional lubricant. Increases the tool service life while minimizing wear and tear on to the work piece.


  • Broaching, thread cutting, drilling tapping & other heavy-dutyoperations
  • General purpose machining of hard metals like S.S


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